A conversation analytical approach to social work service encounters in Portugal

David Tomas Monteiro

Le projet de doctorat se focalise sur l'organisation interactionnelle des séances de conseil de service social ainsi que sur les usages du discours rapporté dans ces interactions.

Managing public knowledge in multi-party institutional interactions

Hanna Svensson

The empirical data of my doctoral thesis comprises extensive video recordings (about 50 hours) of the public meetings organized within a participatory democracy project in urban planning in a large French city, where the citizens were invited to contribute to the initial conceptual part of the work.

The Social Organization of the Video Gaming Activities

Asking questions and doing other actions in political debates: How citizens speak in public

 Nynke van Schepen

 The thesis focuses on the analysis of citizens asking questions and doing other interactional actions in political public meetings. This research is carried out within the project 'Speaking in Public', funded by the SNF. The analyses will be based on data from eight video recorded plenary sessions that are part of the corpus Blandan (CAB), documenting over more than 6 years a participatory project in urban planning, concerning the transformation of a military site into a public park.