Curriculum Vitae

Mizuki Koda 


I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Linguistics and Literature of the University of Basel, grantee of the HPSL doctoral school since September 2020, and member of Lorenza Mondada’s team, who is also my supervisor. 

I completed my MA studies at the Japan Women’s University in 2018. My master thesis focused on bodily behaviors used as resources for projecting the transition between activities in multiparty conversations. Since then, my research interest centers on how participants achieve the transformation of complex participation frameworks. 

My doctoral thesis focuses on the multimodal and spatial arrangements of participants in social interaction, adopting the perspective of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis (EMCA) to describe the multimodal practices through which people actually achieve the transformation of participation frameworks. By paying attention to relevant details of linguistic and embodied behaviors – on the basis of video recordings of ordinary and institutional interactions gathered in Japan –, my research systematically analyzes three phases within the emerging and dynamic evolution of participation frameworks: the establishment of a new participation framework, its multiple transformations, and its dissolution.


Conversation Analysis



Participation in interaction 


Mizuki Koda. 2019. Schisming as an Overlapping Resolution Device. The 2019 Conference of the International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis. Mannheim, Germany.

Mizuki Koda. 2019. Boundary Participation as a Trigger for the Reorganization of a Participation Framework. The 16th International Pragmatics Conference. Hong Kong.