Guillaume Gauthier
Assistant / PhD candidate
Guillaume Gauthier
Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät
Departement Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften
Professur Mondada

Assistant / PhD candidate

Maiengasse 51
4056 Basel

Field of research

Conversation Analysis, Ethnomethodology, Interactional Linguistics, Multimodality, Sensoriality & Multisensoriality


After finishing his studies in French and English at the University of Basel, Guillaume Gauthier joined the team of Prof. Dr. Lorenza Mondada as a doctoral researcher in General Linguistic. Now a member of the of the research project intSenses, which is financed by the Swiss National Foundation for research (SNF), he intends to utilize his background in EMCA to investigate – with the help of multimodal analyses of audio-visual corpora – the social organization of food-related sensorial experiences in everyday and institutional activities as they happen in a diversity of social contexts. Along that line, Guillaume Gauthier takes a special interest in the interactional interdependences of gestures, language and (multi-)sensorial objects.         

Curriculum vitae

2018 -  PhD-student at the University of Basel in the project on multimodality

and multisensoriality – int.Senses – directed by Prof. Dr. Lorenza Mondada.

2014 - 2018  Board Member of the French Institute’s Students Committee at the University of Basel.

2012 - 2018  Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English and French Studies the University of Basel.